Community Report Card Overview

Find out how your community is doing in the areas of education, income, and health.

1.  Select a county or service area using the drop-down options below or by clicking the map (be sure to check out the option to change the map using the circle buttons at the top).

2.  The report card gives you an overview of 35 key indicators:
  • Has the community gotten better?
  • How does that trend compare to the state‚Äôs trend?
  • How does the community rank compared to others in the state?
  • How does it compare to the state?
Look for red arrows to find opportunities for improvement and blue arrows to identify successes.

3.   In the report card, be sure to:
  • Click the sign to drill into the data and explore a measure in more depth.
  • Click the to switch from the executive view and see 35 indicators.

4.  For help interpreting the data or using the website, see the help file. HELP

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